Child-friendly space helps Bashir in the challenge of disability

1Basheer Al Hadi Ibrahim Basheer is a ten years old child, lives in Alsalha IDPs area in Ed Damazin town with his family, which consists of three sons, two daughters, mother (Khadeega Abd Allah) and father who works on a cart “carro” in Ed Damazin market as a main income source. Basheer suffers from polio disease, which caused many of his psychological problems, his family isolated and forced him to stay in a particular place inside the home also prevented him from attending the child-friendly space, while all his brothers and sisters were attending the CFS as he has disability and cannot communicate with people, all these factors led Basheer to diffidence so he lost his ability to talk and communicate with people around him, including his family.

The CFS’s psychosocial support specialist discovered the presence of Basheer during one of her therapy sessions from his brothers and knew about his illness and psychological condition so she had a home visit to meet the family and Basheer particularly, after many discussions she able to convince them to allow him to visit the CFS with his brothers from time to time to communicate with other children.
 At the beginning, Basheer was isolated in one corner of Alsalha CFS away from the other children, but constantly follow up and psychosocial care from the CFS’s supervisor and the psychosocial specialist for his case such as encouraged him to pronounce the names of some toys in front of all kids, he gradually integrated with them and share them playing and some of the activities which enhanced his self-confidence, now he is the most active attended child in Alsalha child-friendly Space.