About AORD


AORD_MissionCiting the human inheritance principles which call for charity exhort to cooperation, solidarity and land recovery; and in sensing the national responsibility that necessitates the active participation in the treatment of the negative impact of disputes, wars and natural disasters; and
in endeavoring to realize the great expected human ends derived from the human principles and values, this organization was established for the voluntary work so as to employ the faculties and mobilize the available capabilities and burst powers to promote the development and capacity building through the activities of the organization


Alsalam Organization for Rehabilitation & Development is a national voluntary organization established in 2007. It operates in the field of humanitarian and voluntary work and services in Sudan and abroad. It is a non-governmental organization with independent legal entity established in accordance with the Humanitarian and Voluntary Work Act.


•    Enhancing propagation of the culture for peace building and defense of Human Rights.
•    Promotion of services and caring for the issues of maternity and childhood.
•    Supporting the basic structures in regions affected by disasters, wars and conflicts.
•    Enhancing values of collaboration, cooperation and contribution towards social peace.
•    Offering vital services in the fields of Water Supply, Health, Education and Sports.
•    Training and human capacity building.
•    Promote a culture of peace-building and defense of human rights
•    Upgrading of services and attention to issues of motherhood and childhood