WASH sector 2016

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Enhancing the Social wellbeing of IDPs, Refuges and Host populations in South Kordofan through comprehensive of Multi-sector Social services package- pilot consortium  

The project was implemented in South Kordofan State, designed to increase access to WASH services for IDPS, in Rashad locality under pilot consortium focusing on the basic needs for WASH services. Addressing the WASH needs in consistent and in line with CERF life-saving criteria and directly contributes to the WASH sector specific objective (SSO1) and strategic respond plan (SRP1). to Sustain and expand WASH services for IDPs seriously affected populations as well as malnutrition crisis affected in eastern states (HRF2015),AORD implemented this project with  within 8 communities in Rashad locality. The beneficiaries were estimated at 22,851 newly IDPS (11,654 women, 10,283 men, 6,992 girls and 6,718 boys). AORD reached more than the planned target as it managed to provide WASH services, the total number of the targeted beneficiaries that AORD reached in this project were 35,851 people (22,581 IDPs,13,000 (5,850 M & 7,800 F) Host Community). The humanitarian needs are very critical in the project areas particularly in terms of water and sanitation besides, the poor hygiene practices.

The social norms and bad habits are negatively affecting the hygiene situation, water transmitted diseases are wide spread among children as there were several cases of water-borne disease were reported.
That desperate situation described in the preceding paragraph was ameliorated by the project implementation as planned.

The project  intervention provided safe water, adequate sanitation and hygiene package in 8 communities (Khor Ramlla, Elwarsha,Abuanga Janoob,Elkhazan,elwehda,Deim Selik,Dabat Elburma,Tagmalla), through formation of WASH villages’ committees to manage, maintain the WASH facilities and to increase knowledge about hygiene practices. The communities were heavily engaged in leading the project’s activities.