WASH sector 2014

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Provision of Emergency WASH Services and Lifesaving Intervention to newly IDPs in Blue Nile State:

AORD conducted an assessment on December 2013 in Blue Nile state, which identified the number of IDPs, has drastically increased to 176,576 IDPs in Blue Nile state in the end of 2013 due to the ongoing conflict and clashes. Despite these significant figures, no humanitarian assistance was provided to this layer of newly IDPs. This created serious gaps in basic services of WASH, education, and health, such as  women and children cross long distance for water fetching, 4 km is the average distance, spread and increase of diseases among IDPs due to lack of knowledge,  Lack of potable water and sanitation facilities is classified among reasons for school dropped out in Blue Nile (30%), Lack of a healthy sewage system and latrines and most of the children are infected by skin, diarrhea and disease outbreaks.

According to this need assessment AORD prioritized 8 villages of 11,800 persons to be targeted by this intervention in Damazin (Radeef, Wad Barakat), Roseiris (Safia and Dowaima), Kurmuk (Okleely and Dindro) and Giessan (Adasy Alif, Adasy ).

AORD received fund from SHF in  2014, total project budget was"200,808 $" to implement project in Blue Nile State, the main objective sustained and expanded access to water supply, sanitation and hygiene services for population in camps and gatherings and for newly displace people through Drilling of 8 boreholes equipped with hand pumps, rehabilitation of non-functional hand pumps and support families to construct 290 household latrines, also provided sanitation and hygiene promotion activities in Damazine, Roseiris, Kurmuk and Geissan localities, these localities identified as having high consolidated overall needs in 2014 HNO and geographical boundaries of the WASH sector.

AORD achieved activities through establishment and training of different WASH committees and in close collaboration with Water Environmental Sanitation project (WES). All of these partners took major roles in project implementation. AORD achieved the overall responsibility of implementation and fully hold accountable to WASH sector.