WASH sector 2013 (3)

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WASH sector 2013

In translation of Alsalam Organization for Rehabilitation and Development  AORD  to enhance the hygiene and sanitation and good accessibility to clean water within  Blue Nile state targeting 29,500 individuals (including returnee and IDPs) by provision of safe and timely WASH services  to improve their basic living conditions and mitigate health threats , (AORD) has implemented a lot of intervention within the period of Apr 10 to Nov 10 -2013.we also would like to withdraw attention to critical hummantarian need in this state which is magnified by recurrent conflict,roads inaccesibility,presence of negative social norms and bad habbits influencing hygyne condition and finally FLOODS as amajor issue (like Aug floods 2013 which was a major challenge) that is able to destroy  a numbers of the drilled latrines and may cause an outbreak of water transmitted diseases (especially among children).
The intervention is concerned with training program for 40  hand pump caretakers (mechanics), establish and train 7 WATSAN committee members in community management, ownership and sustainability of WATSAN facilities, PHAST Training for WATSAN Committees and Community Hygiene Promoters (CHIPS), training for 21 persons for community Hygiene Promoters(CHPs), Training of women on preparation and administration of ORS and Technical/Program training-CATS and Solar Powered pumps - (Local and international) beside Construction of 120 family Latrine VIP and Rehabilitation of 7  non-functional hand pumps, Drilling of 7 boreholes equipping with India Mark 2 hand pumps, Purchasing and distribution of 7 maintenance tool kits for hand pump repair, 400 sets of hygiene kits to household, Installation of 7 garbage collection centers and PHAST & IEC materials, plus conduction of clean up campaigns with its toolkits, Formation and support School children groups and educational materials in 7 schools beside hygiene software activities( home visits, sessions, households survey and Focus Group Discussions FGD).We would like to indicate that at least have of the trained participant were women.
 (AORD) DEEPLY belief in sustainable development and durable solution, in this project we approach it through heavily engagement of society members and stake holder through each process (especially women to address their gender role (they are burdened with water fetching),it will also guarantee smooth exit strategy, Proudly we can say AORD activities and measures lead to improve the health status and living conditions of the population in Blue Nile state by providing all of the population with adequate and sustainable access to basic WASH services and promote good hygienic practices and maintain clean environment by safe collection and disposal of solid waste hoping to enhance positive economic growth of the nation in the future.