RMS sector 2014

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Provision of Protection Assistance and Basic Services for Refugees Returnees in Blue Nile state

2014 Refugees Multi Sector RMS  project funded by SHF  targeted one locality total budget was"318,201$" and provided multi- sectorial approach with supporting lifesaving (WASH, Education) and protection needs, through two major components, for 4,080 refugee returnees (700 women, 500 men, 1500 girls, 1380 boys) in Gissan locality. The first component is to ensure access of refugee returnees in gatherings to basic needs and essential services ( WASH and Education) through provision/ rehabilitation of education facilities and provision of hygiene and sanitation activities. The second component is ensuring effective protection for returnee- refugees through protection activities (establishment of Community Protection Networks (CBPNs), psychosocial support, awareness raising, child protection, GBV activities and establishment of referral mechanism.
AORD continued its efforts to the vulnerable groups in Blue Nile state. AORD responded to the basic education needs to a total number of 2880 students (1500 girls and 1380 boys) in 6 schools in Gissan locality through construction and rehabilitation of 27 classrooms, 6 gender sensitive latrines, 3 drinking water/hand washing facilities and 3 offices. The school children targeted by psychosocial support and hygiene promotion awareness rising.

the project seek to improve the hygiene and sanitation situation in the project areas through awareness raising campaigns, cleaning campaigns and distribution of hygiene kits for 500 most vulnerable women. This will help to improve the general health and environment conditions in the project areas. As mentioned in the assessment, the project areas have very deteriorated hygiene and sanitation. There were several cased of water-borne disease reported. The disease outbreaks are likely to happen in the area, unless a rapid response is delivered.

Through this project, AORD integrated the protection activities within the ongoing program to support protection needs of 4080 refugees' returnees associated with psychosocial support, GBV assistance and provision of dignity kits to 500 women. The project established 6 communities based protection networks and trained them in various protection themes in order to monitor report and respond to protection issues in Gissan locality.