Protection sector 2014 - 1

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Protection Assistance and Psychosocial Support to the IDPs in Blue Nile and North Kordofan States

Decades of conflict and instability coupled with marginalization has considerably led to the deterioration of the protection environment in Blue Nile State. Reports and assessments indicate that human rights abuses and violations in the state are generally common and resulted from the on-going conflict in Blue Nile, and particularly the conditions in areas of displacement or reception have further exacerbated the protection environment, with increasing discrimination and marginalization of vulnerable groups, including IDPs themselves. Responding to this dramatical situation AORD received "199,025$" fund from SHF, the project duration  May 2014up  to May 2015 to mitigate this situation. The project overall objectives is to

1.    Enhance protection monitoring and response services to protect accessible newly displaced persons, promoting free and safe movement in gatherings in Blue Nile and North Kordofan States.
2. Reduce incidents and effects of violence, abuse, and exploitation, in areas of conflicts and displacement based on reported cases, particularly addressing the special protection needs of newly IDPs in gatherings in the Blue Nile and the North Kordofan States.

The project component is composed of population movement, tracking and protection monitoring of IDPs in Blue Nile state which targets 100,000 IDPs. In addition, the psychosocial support provided to 400 girls and boys through the Child-Friendly Spaces (CFSs) in North Kordofan. In addition, establishment and furnishing of the guesthouse to accommodate 50 Unaccompanied and Separated Children (UASC) in Blue Nile state.

The awareness raising and community participation in child protection also considered besides women protection through GBV activities in all project locations. Protection activities targeted 2150 IDPs in North Kordfan state.