Protection sector 2013 (2)

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Protection sector 2013

With regard to the agreement signed between Alsalam Organization for Rehabilitation and Development (AORD) and United Nation Fund for Population (UNFPA) within the scope of a Gender- Based Violence and in accordance with the global day of violence against women, a number of related activities have been carried out addressed local communities within Khartoum state, Sharg El Nile, Jabal Awlia and Karrari localities in the period of Nov 25 till Dec 20 \2013.
Activities included campaigns and trainings, aimed to raise awareness on issues of GBV and its consequences which reflected in the daily practices of community, and training addressing specific targets like; differences between gender and sex, gender – based violence and it’s type, advocacy and refer system, noting that all activities were done through heavy engagement of societies and it’s key members.
By the end of the project a number of 3 training were conducted with 105 individual trained in GBV issues plus conduction of 6 campaigns in GBV, resulting in full awareness of GBV among targeted communities.