Protection sector 2012 (1)

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Protection sector 2012:

AORD funded by Common Humanitarian Fund (CHF) aimed to improve the protection and assistance to the vulnerable and the war affected children and women in Blue Nile state. This was planned to be achieved through two components: Child Friendly Spaces (CFSs) and establishment/strengthen of community- based child and women networks.
This project considered the protection needs for women, girls, boys and men in all activities, gender based violence and FGM was an essential component of this project as well as gender equality in the CFSs.
By implementation of this project AORD built the capacities of the local communities through 20 trainings and awareness raising events targeted 5500 persons from various community members including community- based women and child protection groups, government officials, police, Ministries staff, local leaders of IDPs, host community and local authorities on women and child protection issues, human rights, abuses, rule of law, international conventions and peace building, as well as conducted environment awareness sessions and tree planting for 300 women.
In Blue Nile state, there are still huge gaps for humanitarian assistance. One of the urgent issues, the protection hazards to women and children, most of the violations of the children and women rights related to cultural stands and social norms stem in the general practice and attitudes of community members. The war has also contributed significantly to worsen this situation. However, even if the war ended, it is not expected that this situation could be improved. Most of these violations are accepted and justified by wrong religious of traditional concepts. Further, the war affected population in the state lack to basic services, water supplies, primary health care, food assistance, education services, NFIs and emergency shelters.
AORD assures the sustainability of the interventions by involvement of the targeted beneficiaries and the stakeholders (CBOs, state ministry of education and local authorities) in all project activities contribute.