Protection sector 2015

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Protection assistance and psychosocial support to the conflict affected people in Blue Nile State:

The previous conflict has considerably led to deterioration of protection environment in Blue Nile state reports and assessments showed that there are huge gabs in protection assistance in the state resulted off insecurity access to effective areas.

In 2014 AORD has operated protection project in Blue Nile State at the six localities , the upshot of this project indicate that still there is a gab in Blue Nile State as general especially in the Dmazine ,gissan and bau localities. According in this situation AORD received fund from SHF 2015-2016 about "79,998,00$"  to implement project in the three localities above, this project is composed of protection assistance for displaced people directly targeting 4560 person. With particular focused on those extremely vulnerable groups with specific needs through EVIs identification and response activities that include referrals to services providers and that is expected to include direct assistance for (elderly, persons with disabilities, women at risk).

The intervention covered protection assistance and specific services for vulnerable affected displaced people within the BNS through a community based protection groups across the 3 localities of the state. The awareness delivered within the training and campaigns in BNS. In addition the intervention supported persons with specific need through EVIs identification and refer them to services providers.

Community protection networks established in 3 localities to engage in the project activities to ensure the community participation and ownership. The projects  implemented  directly by AORD in collaboration with MoSWF, HAC, UNHCR and community protection structures. AORD worked closely with MOH, Artificial limps and RCS to refer cases of EVIs to them.