Protection sector 2014 - 2

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Provision of Strengthened Protection Services to IDPs /Returnees, Monitoring and Population Movement Tracking

The humanitarian crises caused by the armed conflict in Blue Nile have resulted in the breakdown of traditional social support structures and long-established protective mechanisms. It contributed to damage the overall social fabric of the community. In general, as per previous reports from AORD field monitoring in several IDP/returnees sites, the child protection includes boys and girls who have been killed and injured in the conflict, child abuse, child soldiers, traumatized, neglect, separation from primary caregiver’s, harmful cultural practices including FGM, early marriage, child labor and dropped out of schools, limited access to education, as well as lack of access to food, water, shelter and health services.

There for AORD implemented this project in collaboration with UNICEF to reduce incidences and effects of violence abuse and exploitation in areas of conflicts and displacements, this intervention composed two main components:

The psychosocial support targeted 1400 girls and boys through the CFSs. The project operated in the IDPs/ returnees areas. The CFS will provide pre-school package of education in consultation with the Pre-school Education Directorate/ State Ministry of Education. In addition, the CFS will be prepared with kits and psychosocial support. Psychosocial support officer will be responsible for developing and implementing the psychosocial activities for children in CFS, including age appropriate recreational and resiliency activities for children, psychosocial therapy, home visits and advocacy. The targeted children represent age groups of (3-17 Years). The project will also focus on strengthening the referral system on all child protection concerns and enhance linkages with child protection actors in the state such as UNICEF, Child Welfare Council, and Family and child protection department.

The awareness raising and community participation on child protection will be also considered. Women protection will also be considered in this component and targeted by these activities. As women are equally vulnerable in these communities and in most cases they represent the caretakers of children; it is important to partially integrate the women protection component within this project. Women protection will be supported through awareness raising in basic women rights. This will increase the effectiveness of child protection intervention. The project will seek formulation of community child protection groups from the community.

AORD has an established presence in all localities of BNS which will support the smooth and rapid start-up of the project activities. It should be noted that it is vital that this activity to be resumed urgently to address child protection issues as well as the provision of timely, better coordinated and well informed emergency response when necessary.

Despite of that the child protection issues are quite common in IDPs/returnees settings in Blue Nile state, AORD is also the sole provider for Child Friendly Spaces (CFS) in the state. AORD currently has 4 (CFSs) which were established last year. There is still a huge gap in provision of this service to the traumatized/ war affected children. Therefore, this project plans to establish new 2 (CFSs) in Giessan and Baw localities target 600 girls and boys, in addition to rehabilitation of the already established 4 (CFSs) which accommodate 800 girls and boys in Damazine and Roseris localities